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Innovative, underrated but always appreciated, AWFL offers budget friendly media solutions for the average consumer while serving as a home for new IP's and development. Envisioned as half bleeding edge brand and half evolutionary step in freelance creative services in today's post COVID world, AWFL's founder is determined to be a resource for those brave enough to dream as big as he dared to. 


Originally from Oxnard, California and second born to young, struggling parents, Marco hid away from the uglier streets of his hometown and fell in love with art until moving to Riverside at the age of 10. Learning to draw before anything, nothing would suffice to curb the need for creative outlets. By the age of 15 he was exploring film, studying jazz percussion and beginning certification courses for digital imaging.


A decade later he was in pursuit of establishing himself as a filmmaker. His intensity earned the respect of faculty and fellow alumni of the Los Angeles Film School. The dedication he displayed lead to being invited to mentor fellow students with 2012 Ovation Award winner, Michael Arabian, and screenwriting veteran, LInda Cowgill. That momentum formed a path to the doors of Tao Creative, eventually helming numerous projects for multiple companies ranging from independent films to major productions for film and TV staples like Nadine Ruffin of Hi-Hat Productions (The Girl Next Door, Step Up) and actor turned director, Markus Redmond (Doogie Howser, M.D., Fight Club). But what Hollywood had to offer left something to be desired. 


Now, with the establishment of AWFL, that industry experience and expertise can be applied to any project, brand or small business in need.